Cheese Export

Cheese export focus

Veldhuyzen Kaas is 100% focused on the export of the finest Gouda cheeses and cheese specialties from Holland (The Netherlands). Our focus, assortment, partnership approach, knowledge and experience are our key USP’s in making our cheese export business a success. We have a dedicated team of cheese export professionals, both in sales and in our support office, that make sure we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Unique and Complete cheese assortment

At Veldhuyzen Kaas we have created a complete and unique assortment of top quality cheeses and cheese brands from Holland (The Netherlands) available for export. Our Veldhuyzen brand brings the traditional to superior Gouda cheeses, but also Maasdam cheese and Edam cheese. Veldhuyzen Blue Label was awarded Best Dutch Cheese and Best Speciality Cheese in 2017 and 2019. For Goat Cheese we have the Hommage brand, consisting of a complete Goat cheese range. Montana Intenso is our award winning proosdij cheese, voted Best Dutch Cheese both in 2018 and 2019. Basiron is our most well known specialty cheese brand which consists of more than 20 different flavors. Old Amsterdam is Holland’s number 1 brand for aged Gouda cheese. Veldhuyzen Kaas is the exclusive master distributor in selected countries.

Knowledge of your market

Our people travel the world. We know the markets around the globe and partner up with our customers to understand their needs and the opportunities available in the market. Together we propose the most suitable assortment. If needed we support with all documents and help needed to register a product. We know that exporting cheese around the world is not always that easy. Count on us to understand your challenges and our support to find the best solutions.

Experience in exporting cheese from Holland

The export of Gouda cheese and cheese specialties from Holland is embedded in our DNA. Veldhuyzen Kaas has the best team, experience and knowledge that are needed to provide the right product with the correct documentation and with export quality that lasts until it reaches the consumer or end user.

We support your business

We believe in a partnership to build business for the long term. Not just a one-off containerload order. Our unique cheese brands and products have a lot of growth potential and our team is there to support you along the way. From the first order and for every step we can take to further expand and support your business.

Meet us at Trade Shows

You can meet our team members at local trade shows. In 2020 we will have a company booth at Gulfood (Dubai, UAE), Foodex (Tokyo, Japan), SIAL China (Shanghai, China) and SIAL (Paris, France). In addition our local partners also display our products at local leading trade shows. Our team of Area Sales Managers regularly visit their geographical area for a market visit and are always open to meet for new potential business ideas.

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