Other brands

Mook is a very special smoked cheese.
Unlike regular smoked cheese Mook is not a processed cheese.
Mook is a natural cheese with a very creamy and characteristic smoke flavour. It has very good melting qualities so perfect for use in hot dishes!

Mouton is a cheese made from sheep milk.
Mouton has a very creamy taste and you’ll be surprised by is great character!

The BioVelder assortment is a selection of the finest quality organic cheese. BioVelder is available in the following varieties:

  • BioVelder Cow 4 kg: Young, Matured and Basil/Garlic
  • BioVelder Goat 4 kg: Young and Matured
  • BioVelder Sheep 4 kg: Young and Matured

A robust, typically Dutch cheese with a striking characteristic look, because appearances count as well! The Veldhuyzen Tradition is distinguishingly smooth, with a tangy taste and beautiful little salt crystals. Veldhuyzen is produced using a traditional recipe with pasteurized full cream milk and has been ripened carefully for 7 months.

Bleu de Graven is a delicious Dutch Blue cheese.
Packed in the original Dutch-blue colours it already gives away its Dutch origin. The cheese is tasteful and creamy and very suitable to use in hot dishes like lasagna and pizza. But also on a cheese plate it will not fail.

Natria cheese is produced with low sodium salt.
This means Natria is suitable for low sodium diets. Natria is available in several varieties and they are all packed by piece in one carton.

  • Natria Gouda 48% F.i.d.m. 5 kg
  • Natria Gouda 48% F.i.d.m. Cummin 5 kg
  • Natria Gouda 48% F.i.d.m. Herbs kg
  • Natria loaf 20% F.i.d.m. 2,5 kg

The Dolaner Piquant is a cheese which we mature on wooden shelves for at least 9 months. This gives the cheese its own character.
Dolaner Piquant has a very good full and salty taste. It is easy to cut and delicious on a sandwich.

Maasdam cheese can be recognised by its big holes and its sweet nutty taste. Our Maasdam Holland is a delicious Premium Class Maasdam Cheese.

This delicious fresh cream cheese is produced from fresh milk from the so called "Green Heart" of The Netherlands. We can offer you the following flavours:

  • Pineapple
  • Ginger
  • Italiano
  • Herbs
  • Peppersweet
  • Rum/Raisins
  • Cranberry
  • Wasabi
  • Orange/Lemon

Calora is our low fat cheese assortment. Calora is available with 18% and even with just 12% fat! Calora is a very healthy and delicious alternative for Gouda cheese. Both Calora types offer a variety of flavours. For example mild, matured, plain or with herbs. We can also supply you with low fat Maasdam cheese.