Calora Pikant wins Gouda Cheese Awards!

Our Calora 18% Pikant was chosen as the overall winner in the Gouda Light category at the Gouda Cheese Awards. The Gouda Cheese Awards were held in the historic center of Gouda on the 6th of June. Calora 18% Pikant has been named “The best cheese of The Netherlands” for the coming year.

Calora 18% Pikant
This cheese has 40% less fat than a regular Gouda cheese. Due to the 6 months traditional ripening on wooden shelfs, it has a lot of taste. The Calora range consists of reduced fat cheese products in different ages and with several herbs.

Consumer’s Choice
Gouda Cheese Awards is an important and special cheese competition in The Netherlands. It is not a technical cheese test, but a large consumer panel that rates the quality of the cheese. In the Gouda Light category, more than 20 cheeses competeted for a top position.

Award winning cheeses
After winning “Best Dutch Cheese” with Veldhuyzen Blue Label (Nantwich 2017), “Global Cheese Champion” with Hommage Matured (Frome 2018) and “Best Dutch Cheese” with Montana Intenso (Bergen 2018), we are very proud to add Calora 18% Pikant to our Championship winners!

For us at Veldhuyzen Kaas it is the proof that we truly bring the best quality cheeses to the market.