MAAZ Cheese acquires Veldhuyzen Kaas

Bodegraven, 20 december 2018

MAAZ Cheese acquires Veldhuyzen Kaas

MAAZ Cheese and Veldhuyzen Kaas, both located in Bodegraven (The Netherlands), recently agreed to transfer all shares from Veldhuyzen Kaas to MAAZ Cheese.

The expertise of Veldhuyzen Kaas is mainly the ability to export cheese specialties to over 50 countries worldwide. The brands Basiron, Montana, Veldhuyzen, Dolaner and Hommage are well known internationally. Veldhuyzen Kaas has been awarded multiple times for launching unique and premium innovations in the cheese industry. For more than a century Veldhuyzen Kaas has been servicing a broad set of customers in the Benelux.

MAAZ Cheese is a Dutch family owned company. Driven by authentic entrepreneurship, the focus is always to have a sustainable relationship with its customers. MAAZ Cheese aims to connect the opportunities of the Dutch dairy sector and European cheese market to the international demand. By working together with leading European dairy manufacturers, state-of-the-art packaging techniques and a new distribution center, MAAZ is able to minimize chain costs.

Veldhuyzen Kaas will be integrated in the new MAAZ Cheese distribution center at the end of 2019 and will remain active for all export activities under the name Veldhuyzen Kaas.

With the acquisition of Veldhuyzen Kaas, MAAZ Cheese further completes the growth strategy as a complete supplier of European cheeses and cheese specialties.


MAAZ Cheese acquires Veldhuyzen Kaas (press release 20 december 2018)