Basiron Pesto Verde – The Original Green Pesto Cheese

Basiron Pesto Verde is the Original Green Pesto cheese from Holland. This smooth tasting Gouda type of cheese from The Netherlands is a very unique looking and tasting cheese. The colour is not standard yellow, but Pesto Verde green!

The history of the Basiron Pesto Verde green pesto cheese is quite spectacular. Mr. Dirk Veldhuijzen created this completely new cheese back in 2005 when all (gouda) cheeses from The Netherlands were "just" yellow. Mr. Veldhuijzen wanted to introduce a great tasting Green Pesto cheese that also had a unique Green Pesto colour, which was unique for that time! It was so unique that green cheese was not even allowed to be called cheese at that time. Mr. Veldhuijzen had to request a change in the applicable laws to get his green pesto cheese allowed to be sold as cheese.

The Basiron Pesto Verde green pesto cheese was the one and only Original green pesto cheese on the market and became and instant hit throughout the world.

Basiron Pesto Verde green pesto cheese is made with basil and garlic to give it a strong and good Italian green pesto taste. The creamy and definite pesto taste is now highly-praised internationally.

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Our popular Basiron Pesto Verde green pesto cheese is also available in a prepacked piece: Click here for the link.

In addition to complete cheese wheels and prepacked pieces, this unique cheese is also available in 15kg rindless blocks and 3kg loaves for optimized further local processing or cutting. Green pesto cheese slices and grated cheese is also an option. Please contact us via this link to learn more about the opportunities regarding this unique gouda style cheese from Veldhuyzen Kaas.

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