Veldhuyzen Gouda Cheese

Veldhuyzen Gouda Cheese from Holland (The Netherlands) is the most popular cheese from The Netherlands. Our Veldhuyzen Gouda cheese is available in different ages, from mild to extra aged, and is available in different packaging options such as gouda cheese wheels(12kg-4,5kg-3,6kg), slices, prepacked wedges, blocks and loafs.

We use only the best gouda cheese for our Veldhuyzen Gouda cheese products. Our Gouda cheese is made in a traditional way from high quality milk. After the cheese wheel has been pressed and made its way through the brine bath, our Veldhuyzen gouda cheese wheels are ripened on wooden shelves until their desired age has been reached. Veldhuyzen Gouda Cheese from Holland (The Netherlands) meets the highest global quality standards to ensure maximum customer and consumer satisfaction.

Mild Veldhuyzen Gouda cheese is characterized by a mild and accessible taste and a smooth dairy sensation. This most popular Gouda cheese from The Netherlands is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Customers and consumers use our gouda cheese on bread (as we do in The Netherlands) for breakfast or lunch, shredded in cold or hot meals, or as a snack while enjoying the company of special guests.

In addition to the Mild gouda cheese, we have an interesting assortment of premium aged Veldhuyzen gouda cheeses. Our most well known and awarded gouda cheese is Veldhuyzen Blue Label. This cheese has been awarded many times as "Best Dutch Cheese" international cheese competitions.

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